Friday, April 24, 2009

Save Planet Blue, a new 3D Environmental Game Site set for Launch

Children today are more aware of the importance of recycling and other environmental issues than at any other time before. Protecting our environment is becoming more and more important every day, and children know that they will inherit a planet that needs special care and creative solutions. Save Planet Blue is a new interactive online game site where children can learn and explore issues concerning the environment, all while having fun.
After a year of development, a launch date for the highly anticipated interactive online game site has been set. On May 4th, 2009, children will be able to Save Planet Blue. What makes Save Planet Blue different from other online interactive game sites? Well, from a peek behind the scenes I can tell you a few “secrets” I’ve discovered. First, you will be able to choose from 8 different characters. You can even customize them and give them a name. You start out in a Planetarium with vibrant colors and a view of the Universe, here’s where you choose your activities. There are games you can play in the Planetarium like the Recycling Game where things like glass and paper slide down a chute and you have to put each item in the right recycling container. But watch out for Blinky! He’s a frog and sometimes slides down the chute and you don’t want him to end up being recycled. Plus you get more points when you save him! Points are important; as they will help you earn badges and merit awards that improve your rank. Luckily for me, Planet Blue and Sunny Sun are there to help you learn how to play the games. The Planetarium also has other games like the Simon Sez Game and a Memory Game where you match animals with where they come from. I’ll keep some of the other games a secret. You’ll just have to go to the Planetarium and see for yourself.
While you are there, take note of the Space Door. This special opening will transport you to other parts of Planet Blue like The Rainforest. You will meet other characters in The Rainforest like Frazzie the Monkey, Blinky the Frog, and Petey the Toucan. You will also be able to race down the Amazon River on inner tubes in The River Raft Game. And get ready to earn points by tossing Frazzie bananas while avoiding hitting Blinky and Petey in The Banana Throwing Game. Ok, as an adult writing about Save Planet Blue, you might think I’m having way too much fun. But watch the Save Planet Blue Trailer and you’ll see why this 3D interactive game site for children is different than any online game site you’ve ever seen. also takes your child’s safety very serious. Children will need their parents’ permission to join. Parents can also choose what times during the day their children are allowed to play. And although children will be able to chat on Planet Blue, computer-generated 3D characters will chat with them to insure safe and positive exchange. Parents can rest easy knowing that Save Planet Blue offers the safest interactive environment for their children's learning and play. Visit for more information or watch the sneak preview of the upcoming television series at We welcome children of all ages!